Wedding planners are professional and experienced in all aspects of wedding planning. They can professionally help couples to come up with a realistic wedding budget, help put together overall blueprints plus a detailed plan and schedule of how the events will run on the material wedding day. Envisions Weddings planners can make arrangements regarding photography, catering and flowers, the music play list and couple honeymoon as well as travel plans. In a nutshell, wedding planners keep the bride, the groom, and all their guests to enjoy an organized ceremony. Sadly, many don’t even consider hiring a wedding planner. They don’t realize that having outside additional help can save their time, money and aggravation.

DO you need to hire a wedding planner?

Work or employment

If you and your lovebird are working, and more so if the job is demanding, it would be prudent to hire a wedding planner. Wedding planning is like a full-time job and can be severely exhaustive especially if done after work. Besides, wedding plans can run for an extended period that no employer can be generous to give all those days offs.  Wedding Planner

No family or friends willing to help

In case you’re planning to wed in a far away land where there aren’t friends and family members to help, then hiring a wedding planner a fitting choice. The wedding can also be planned, but family and friends may refuse to help thereby necessitating the services of a wedding planner.

Lack ideas or have too many ideas

Total lack of creativity and ideas or too many ideas of what to do means that you a wedding planner. A planner can help fill the empty list or edit the full wish-list to something reasonable.

A wedding is one month away

This is too urgent, and you better be calling a wedding planner right now. Never even dream of shoulder this great responsibility or else stress and other related ailments will overwhelm you, and you’ll never see your wedding day. Also, never pass the same burden to your mother unless you want to strike her off the guests’ list.


If you want to elope, then it’s advisable to look for for a wedding planner. One thing that’s for sure is that wedding planning burns-out. Planning a wedding might leave you fussy and stressed up day in day out. Besides, it’s a time-consuming activity. You may wish to spend some time with him or her and share your vision for the big day. This calls for more time that will never be there unless a wedding planner is hired to handle all the wedding plans. flower

Clueless about wedding planning

Wedding jargons are like foreign language unless you’re a professional in the industry. This is why you need a planner who’ll explain to you the difference between tulle and chiffon, wild roses and tea roses, in addition to handling all the mind boggling decisions.