A person will require authorization for him or her ton gain access to a particular place which is restricted. One may also gain access to an individual who has authorization. The majority of buildings usually have assets which are to be stored and kept in safe and secure location. In the long run, theft of the property will be avoided at all cost. Gates, doors, safes, bollards, barriers and turnstiles are the examples of the things which can be used to access control to a building.

Monitoring and control

fenceStaff may be mandated by the building to control or monitor the access control systems, or in some cases, the systems will just operate automatically. One of the most popular ways for controlling access in a building is by the use of lock and keys. The use of lock and key is regarded as being inflexible since the keys can be copied, get lost, stolen or misplaced. An electronic access system provides greater flexibility, and the cases are resulting to the changing of locks and re-issuing of keys are avoided at all cost.

Electronic access controls

One of the most efficient and flexible ways for securing buildings is by utilizing the use of electronic control systems. The access points will be controlled and monitored after successfully installing electronic control system. Granting an individual is achieved through controlling it remotely or the system being programmed to function automatically whereby authorized personnel are allowed to access the building at particular times. Staff monitoring, tickets, fingerprints, iris recognition, passwords, codes, video verification are some of accreditation systems available to be employed. Standalone and network systems are classified under electronic access controls.

Standalone systems

One particular area in a building can be monitored and controlled by the installation of standalone systems. For each entry point, the system is programmed, and the access is achieved by the use of a password, numeric code or an individual presenting a card, token or a key fob. It is commonly used in small business setup, houses, storage units and secure sites which are small in size. The standalone systems mode of installation and management is simple and easy to understand and can be extended if modifications are needed.

Network access control

access controlThe network access control systems are employed in managing and monitoring more than one location. Scores of doors and users can be managed efficiently by the use of network control systems. Central control is provided whereby various individuals are allowed access at different times. Automatic report systems are included in the system.