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Rabbit Breeds – Lifespans and temperaments

Most people are amazed by the idea of having a rabbit as a pet. As a pet owner, you should know almost everything about your pet. You should have an idea of things like the temperaments, breeding patterns, and the life expectancy of these animals. The average life span of a rabbit spans between 7 – 12 years. Just like with human beings, some breeds live longer than others. The life expectancy of a rabbit also depends on things like availability of food, diseases, diet, and the environment they live in.

Classification of rabbits

Wild rabbitrabbit

These types of rabbits do not thrive at home. In its natural setting, the average lifespan is considered to be close to 6 years provided predators do not interfere with its existence. Moreover, considering that these rabbits have to compete for food and shelter, you do not expect them to live as long as pet rabbits.

Pet rabbits

You probably by now understand why pet rabbits live longer than those that live in the wilderness. In case you missed, it primarily because of the favorable conditions at home, adequate amounts of food, no predators, and minimal competition for food. However, the breed also plays a huge role in how long a rabbit lives. Here is a closer look at some common breeds and their expected lifespan.

Dwarf rabbits

Different species of rabbits are classified as dwarfs. Dwarf rabbits are the most preferred pet rabbits. These type of rabbits have long lifespans with most of them living for more than eight years. They are also the most intelligent, which makes them easy to train and responsive to basic commands.

Giant rabbits

Giant rabbits are known for their short lifespan. Most of them do not grow to be as old as dwarf rabbits. Statistics have it that a breed like the Checkered Giant Rabbit hardly celebrates its sixth birthday. Naturally, they often seem dull and less cheerful.

Lop eared rabbits

rabbitLop eared rabbits make wonderful pets. They are believed to have better temperaments that the dwarf breed. Smaller breeds have a similar lifespan like dwarf rabbits with larger ones living an average of 6 years. You should not be surprised to see a lop eared rabbit living for ten years either.

Lionhead rabbits

Lionhead rabbits have an average lifespan of 8 years. They are among the most friendly rabbit breeds, which makes them good pets for kids.

Selecting The Right Bird Pet For Your Child


It is a difficult decision to get the right pet bird for your young one. This is a decision you have to take time to make. There are several types of birds to select from which makes it difficult for you in settling for one.

You require going through some options when choosing a bird for you kid. You should consider a beautiful, most friendly and fun bird pet for your child. Whimsical might be the best option, but they are very expensive to obtain. These birds are expensive and require much amount of money for their daily upkeep. You also have to have some time set aside to spend with them, to make them happy. So you should consider all the relevant points before settling in any bird for a pet.

Types Of Birds

The most common type of birds you can make a select include the conures, parrots, cockatiels and cockatoos. In this article, the discussed birds are friendly and loved by kids.

Meyers ParrotBird

These kinds of birds are from a group of the African hookbills. Compared to the other cockatiels and parrots these are calmer. These are the best birds for you if you need birds that do not yell a lot. You can go for these birds if your kids are afraid of screaming parrots. It is believed that the Meyers Parrot have a shy attitude that makes them loveable and great creatures pet for children.


You should go for cockatiels if you are looking for shrewd, intelligent and a very sweet flying creature as your child’s pet. You won’t have a relationship with the cockatiels if you are a solitary person. These are one of the excellent pets to have if you spend time with them. These birds are very noisy, loud and shriek making their presence always remembered.

African Gray Parrot

Bird These birds have adorable, loving and amiable natures which make them perfect pets for your kids. The have a good bond with their proprietors. They have a grey furry coat that makes them great which is a feature found on these kinds of birds only. Though these birds will not fly if they are not given attention and they are exhausted. So if you go for this kind of parrot for your young one, you should ensure you spend time with it to make it happy and take care of them properly.