No one loves to say goodbye forever, especially to the ones they love dearly. Now that there is an empty vacuum you try so hard to ignore, you have to figure out the best ways to deal with it as an individual. What happens especially when the excitement of having long lost relatives over dies down? For you to be able to accept and move on you have got to be strong and brave the stormy weather ahead of you without shutting down completely from those who love and care about you. Since this is a fact that you cannot deny, neither can you undo what has already been done, you must develop some ways to adapt to the circumstances which in your view, have changed for the worst.

Take some yoga classes

Yoga can be pretty therapeutic and is a way of getting in touch with your inner self. During yoga, you get some time to reflect on everything that has just happened. It is also a way of letting out those mixed feelings of anger, sadness or bitterness that you’ve been bottling up inside. These classes will help you keep fit at the same time and keep depression at

Read a good book

The motivational/inspirational genre will do you a lot of good. Read especially in the quietness of your home, to avoid all the necessary destruction. Reading is a way of keeping your mind captive so as to forget everything that happened. It is a way of preventing your mind from recounting all those bittersweet memories you are working so hard to run away from.

Pray with family and relatives

Not too many people are staunch believers in praying as a means of healing your wounded heart and soul. Which is why most of us were brought up by parents who taught us to say our prayers every night before sleeping. They knew that prayers would come in handy especially at a time such as this. By praying, you give your soul up in total surrender, hoping for healing for your brokenness. Believe it or not, you feel way better than before after saying your prayers straight from your heart.

Watch a hilarious comedy

You certainly haven’t had a good laugh since you lowered your loved one six feet under. Not even a genuine smile. Remember those classic comedies that have never run out of humorous flavor since you were a kid? That is just what you need to get you through those funeral blues. Besides, you also keep wrinkles at bay by having a good laugh, not just the one that you fake till the back of your head begins to ache. Laughter is indeed the best medicine, try some.

Do some cooking

cookingDid you know that cooking is one of the most trusted ways to relieve yourself of stressful issues? You had better believe it. It doesn’t matter if you are the worst cook, just get in the kitchen and get your mind off things. Besides, you have not been eating well since the funeral, and this is the best chance you have to indulge your taste buds. You can use a cookbook if you don’t know the first thing about cooking. No one is in charge of your healing more than you so take control and get back on your feet because the world does need you.