smokingIt is no secret that people have been trying to find solutions for quitting smoking during the last few decades. Among the plethora of methods, some have been less successful, some more. However, almost all of these methods and solutions have been short-lived, and they produced no substantial results. But, within the last decade or so, a new solution came about, in the form of an electronic cigarette. An interesting thing is that, even though e-cigs have been around for more than ten years and have proven quite effective, there are still many people, especially smokers, that are completely unfamiliar with these small devices.

So, what is an electronic cigarette?

Simply put, it is a small and handy device that resembles a traditional cigarette and which is aimed at providing smokers with a much healthier option and a means of quitting smoking for good.

Modern e-cigs

Modern electronic cigarettes have come a long way from the early versions and models. The latest models are much more user-friendly, convenient and effective, as opposed to the early models, which were a bit too large and complicated to encourage a mass market appeal. These days, you can find e-cigs in a variety of shapes and sizes, from those that look like USB sticks or pens to those that perfectly mimic the shape, size, and feel of standard cigarettes. These cigarette-looking devices are also the most popular and sought after models on the market.

The main feature

The main feature of an electronic cigarette is that it provides the taste of tobacco, but none of the hazardous substances that normal cigarettes contain. This feature allows the smokers to satisfy their tobacco cravings, without having to inhale large amounts of dangerous toxins. Even though many people still doubt the effectiveness of e-cigs, there are many who will confirm that e-cigs helped them quit smoking for good.

Standard components

A standard e-cigarette consists of an atomizer, battery, and a renewable nicotine chamber. However, the key element of every e-cig is perhaps the e-liquid. E-liquid is the solution that is heated up and subsequently turned into an aerosol. It is that aerosol that smokers inhale and which gives them the nicotine fix.

A more affordable solution

A nicotine chamber will usually last its user for the same period as 15 or 20 traditional cigarettes. This also makes e-cigs a much more affordable option, as well. A user can also adjust the strength of an e-cig, as most cartridges allow strength settings, which include standard, low, medium and no nicotine at all.smoking

A safer and healthier solution

In addition to being healthier, e-cigarettes are much more socially acceptable that standard cigarettes. Since they do not emit any real smoke, toxins and other dangerous substances, e-cigs are perfectly legal to smoke in public areas. Given how second-hand smoking is as equally dangerous as first-hand smoking, it is no wonder why e-cigs have become so popular these days. With them, smokers do not only reduce their health risks but also eliminate the risks for people in their surroundings. Any non-smoker that finds themselves in the vicinity of the person that smokes an e-cigarette will not have to worry about the dangers of passive smoking. This alone makes an e-cig a much healthier and better option for both the smoker and their environment.